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Vol.59(2012.Feb / Mar) flutist Hyun cheong Park

Cover story. Hyun cheong Park
{ vol.59(2012.Feb/Mar) }

Lively! Flutist
Hyun cheong Park 

Without hesitating,
a tall woman has came with a valorous pace to reporter and had greeting.
"Hi, nice to meet you. I'm a flutist Hyuncheong Park!"

Hyuncheong Park

A native of Seoul, Korea, Hyuncheong Park studied at The Juilliard School as a student of Julius Baker and at Musik Hochschule in Munich, Germany as a student of Andras Adorjan, where she completed her Bachelor of Music degree with the outstanding score. She furthered her studies at New England Conservatory, where she earned her Master of Music degree and Graduate Diploma as a student of Paula Robison as a recipient of NEC scholarship. In 2007 she received her Doctor of Musical Arts degree at Boston University as a recipient of Susan McDonald scholarship.
She has won top prizes from many competitions, including Bucchi International Music Competition in Rome, Italy, Popputsatkis Flute Competition in Boston, NEC Concerto Competition, National Flutist Association High School Competition, E-Wha, Chosun, and Dong-A Music Competitions in Korea. Also she was the semifinalist at Kobe International Flute Competition in Japan, Nielsen International Flute Competition in Denmark and Young Concert Artist Competition in New York.
She has given many recitals in Germany, Italy, and Boston, as well as in Korea. She has performed as a soloist with many orchestras, including Dae-Joen Phil, KBS Orchestra, NEC Symphony, Pan- Asian Chamber Orchestra, Hungary Budapest Chamber and Korean Symphony Orchestra among others. Also she was a sub-flutist at New World Symphony Orchestra, where Micheal Tilson Thomas conducts and a member of contemporary music ensemble Callithumpian.
Currently she teaches at Chongshin University, Chugae Arts College and Seoul Arts High School.


커버스토리: 플루티스트 박현정

코끝이 알싸하게 춥던 2012년의 넷째 날,
훤칠한 키에 씩씩한 걸음으로 카페에 들어선 한 여성이 기자 앞에 나타나 한 치의 머뭇거림도 없이
인사를 건넸다.

“안녕하세요, 처음 뵙겠습니다. 박현정입니다!”

간결한 인사말속에서도 넘치는 에너지와 억지스럽지 않은 카리스마가 배어 나온다.
플루티스트 박현정과의 첫 만남은 그렇게 신년의 희망찬 다짐만큼이나 활기가 넘쳤다.
flute& vol.59에 계속..

2012 [1] February vol. 59 –2,3월– OUTLINE PREVIEW

10 편집자의 글
(editor's letter)
18 News

26 커버스토리 : 박현정
(cover story :  Hyun cheong Park)
33 인터뷰 : 고순자 / 이홍규 / 장용 / 서울재즈아카데미 / 김나원
(interview : Soonja Ko / Hong Gyu Lee / Zhang Yong / Seoul jazz academy / Nawon Kim)
45 콘서트프리뷰 :  flute& 신인음악회 / 양혜숙 / 김성진/ 파웰플루트페어 / KFEA 한국플루트교육자협회
(concert preview : flute& Starlit Concert / Hyesook Yang / Sungjin Kim / Powell flute fair / KFEA Grand Concert)
51 Voice of the Flute : 앤 맥쿠첸 / 김미숙
(Ann McCutchan, Mee sook Kim)
56 줌인스테이지 : 마크그로웰스 / 클랑목관5중주 / 추상희
(zoom in stage : Marc Grauwels / Klang Wood wind quintet /  Sanghee Chu)
58 칼럼 : 이혜경
(column : Hye kyung Lee)

59 참가기 :  트레버와이 플루트 스튜디오
(on the spot : Trevor Wye - The Flute Studio)
62 아티클 : 리코더이야기 / 박광준
(article : flute&Recorder)
64 TIMF 2012 : 통영국제음악제

66 재즈 플루트 : 권병호
(jazz flute : Byung ho Kwon)
68 재즈스쿨 : 윤혜진
(jazz school : Hye jin Yoon)
73 해외아티클 : 조지 포프 / 이지연
(overseas article : George Popp / Jie Youn Lee)
77 플루트와 플루트연주 : 테오발드뵘 / 김현숙
(flute playing : Theobald Bohm / Hyun sook Kim)

80 에튀드레슨 : 김성연
(etude lessons : H-dur. B major)
82 지상레슨 : Suite Paysanne hongroise for Flute and Piano - B.Bartok  / 윤수빈
(professional lessons : Soobin Yoon)
90 역대 지상레슨
(professional lessons history : flute& / flute&flutist)

92 콘서트 캘린더
(concert calander)
94 Sheet Music : 오경열 / 장은도
(Kyung yeol Oh / Eun do Jang)
106 음반 및 악보
113 플루트를 위한 소품
116 음악인들의 즐겨찾기
(musician's favorite)
118 정기구독 안내


대표편집인 박해성
(President : Daniel H. Bac)

편집인 이대경
(Editor : Daekyung Lee) 

편집위원 이지연
(Editor : Jieyoun Lee)

기획 한소혜
(Manager : Lareine S. Han)

기자 송화진, 김보경
(Reporter : Hwajin Song, Bokyung Kim)

아카데미 황지혜
(Education : Jeehye Hwang)

디자인 유주연, 김명진
(Design : Juyeon Ryu, Myungjin Kim)

사진 프레임스튜디오
(Photo : Framestudio)
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KFEA(Korea Flute Educators Association) Grand Concert

KFEA(Korea Flute Educators Association)

KFEA is an association which has been formed by Korean flutists who have passions for setting up more practical and meaningful flute education culture. Now, KFEA has 12 Executive Directors, 40 Directors, and about 800 members. The members include distinguished soloists and principal chair holders intop-classorchestras, prominent professors inmajor music colleges, as well as flute educators in elementary, middle and high schools, private institutes, community centers, etc.

KFEA was born as Flute Educators Association (FEA), established in 2008 and grown into an internationally recognized association for flute educators in Korea. FEA has held biannual concerts, special recitals, and seminars regularly for 3 years, and raised international awareness with constant communication through magazine , SNS, YouTube, etc. Also, FEA was recently invited for main program of <2011 WFNT, The World Festival of National Theaters>with 30 qualifying performance teams from 9 different countries as the only classical music association.

KFEA will make every effort to become an association encouraging and supporting flute educators, performers, and students. With this in mind, KFEA is going to participate in flute conventions, competitions or camps all over the world and invite the world’s best known musicians or groups to Korea. Furthermore, we hope that KFEA will be host tointernational flute conference in Korea. We assure that KFEA is always at the first line to develop flute education culture of the world.

■ KFEA Flute Orchestra

The KFEA Flute Orchestra is a representing organization of flautists. The KFEA is an extensive association of leading flautists, and flute instructors in the university and college, the elementary and secondary school, the private music school and the culture center. The KFEA holds academic seminars and studies on flute play and instruction and endeavors to expand network of flautists. Training and education programs to develop skill as flautists and instructors are being given. The KFEA Flute Orchestra is the sole official sponsor of ‘flute&’ the only flute specialized magazine in Korea.

■ Concert Concept
The KFEA Flute Orchestra provides a different feeling of harmony from the current orchestra. It endeavors to develop not only classic orchestration, but also to link choir, band and traditional music to the flute orchestra.

◐ KFEA Grand Concert ◑

Korea, a new Mecca of Asia Flute Music

The flute has extensive sound range from piccolo that goes beyond the highest range of piano with soprano, alto, base and contrabass flutes. The single group of flutes can make an orchestra.

KFEA Concert is designed to spread out the Korean classic and to show the excellence of flute culture in Korea. The flute orchestra is a process to communicate with authentic classic by our audiences and flautists through the modern flute.

KFEA, as a unique and leading flute orchestra, selected the repertoire from lyrical melodies, dance, and splendid concertos for players and audiences. It shall deliver the feeling of the dreamy flute orchestra.

G. F. Handel - Arrival of the Queen of Sheva
S. Rachmaninoff(Webb. Robert K) – Vocalise
F. Borne – Fantaisie sur Carmen (Solo. Amy Yeo Jin Han)
Aram Khachaturian – Dance of the young Maiden
Gabriel Faure – Pavane
F. Martin – Ballade (Solo. Hye Ri Yoon)
G. F. Handel – Passacaglia
Korean Folk Songs
R. Gliere – Russian Sailors Dance

Conductor. Hong-gyu Lee (Chairman of KFEA)

Solo Flute.
* Hye-ri Yoon (Professor of Seoul National University)
* Amy Yeo-jin Han (Grand Prize of Flute&Flutists Concours 2011)

KFEA Flute Orchestra

KFEA Members.
Hong-gyu Lee
Yeo-jin Song
Sara Ui-kyung Park
Daniel H. Bac
Hye-ri Yoon(Concert Master)
Sung-jin Kim
Bong-hwan Lee
Joo-hee Lee
Choong-man Lee
Sun Park
Ki-dong Kim
Gyu-hyang Kim
Hwa-young Lee
Yoo-mee Jung
Hye-mi Lee
Yoon-han Kwon
Jie-yeon Hwang
Na-kyum Kang
Min-a Kyung
Ju-ri Gong
Dong-gyun Kim
Moon-seok Kim
Sun-il Kim
Jeong-hyun Kim
Jung-hwa Kim
Ji-yoon Kim
Tae-youn Kim
Hye-ri Kim
Jong-hun Kim
Ye-ni Park
Hyo-sun Park
Sun-young Bang
Seung-hee Son
Soo-bin Yoon
Jung-un Yoon
Sang-hee Lee
Woo-jik Lee
Young-wook Woo
Ju-mi Jang
Jun-hye Jang
Da-young Jung
Kyung-mi Cho
Seung-hwan Cho
Sang-hee Chu
Woo-jung Han
Lareine Sohye Han
Min-ja Yang
Seung-hee Kim
Soo-ryun Choi

Organized by FLUTEHOUSE

Managed by Lareine Han
Secretarial work Skye Kim