flutehouse masterclass-hall

the empty schedule,  possible your reservation.


Rare Master Class :

3.15(Thu.)/ 16(Fri.)  Walter Auer / Wiener Philharmoniker Principal Flutist
3.30(Fri.)/ 31(Sat.)  Paul Edmund Davies Solution Class
5.5(Sat.) Bradley Garner Master Class
5.17(Thu.)-20(Sun.) Jeanne Baxtresser Solution Class, Alberto Almarza Class
6.23(Sat.)-25(Mon.)  Michel Moragues Solution Class and Master Class
7.5(Thu.)-7.9(Mon.) Mathieu Dufour Master Class
9.23(Sun.) Sandrine Tilly Master Class
10.29(Mon.)-11.3(Sat.) Jean Michel Tanguy Master Class (Now open!)
11.30(Fri.)-12.3(Mon.) Wissam Boustany Master Class

Rehearsal :
Mon. 19:00~ 21:00 : 5 / 12 / 19 /
Tue, Wed. 19:00~ 21:00 : 20 / 21
Sat. 16:00~ 18:00 : 3/ 10 / 17 / 31

Regular Rental :
-KFEA (Korea Flute Educators Association) Orchestra Rehearsal (1st Mon. 19:00~21:00)
-Moyse Flute Ensemble Regular Rehearsal (Every Friday 20:00~22:00)
-Private Lessons(Monday, Friday Evening~)
and some more...

When you visit Korea, do you need rehearsal, lesson, masterclass, or seminar studio in Korea?

flutehouse is entirely different.
Other studios belongs to a different sphere from flutehouse.
flutehouse is culture.
Today, flutehouse is one of Seocho, Seoul’s biggest attractions.

flutehouse masterclass hall rental price 대관료
1 day - 200,000 won   하루종일 20만원
6 hours - 150,000 won  6시간 15만원
1 hour - 30,000 won    1시간   3만원

     Flutehouse Masterclass Hall is for many musicians and artists who need a comfortable space for hold the small-scale arts events(rehearsal concert, petit concert, ensemble rehearsal, seminar, education program, private lessons, masterclass..etc.)
플루트하우스 마스터클래스홀은 소규모 예술행사를 위한 편안한 공간을 필요로하는 음악인들, 예술인들을 위한 곳입니다.(리허설공연, 작은음악회, 앙상블연습, 세미나, 교육프로그램, 개인레슨, 마스터클래스 외)
Small events can rent the hall of flutehouse.
If you want to hold reheasal or events, let us know it until a week before.
However, if your work's concept does not matching with flutehouse, apply may also be rejected.
소규모의 행사를 위해 플루트하우스의 홀을 빌리실 수 있습니다.
만약 리허설이나 행사를 하실 경우, 일주일 전까지 알려주시기 바랍니다.
단, 그 성격이 플루트하우스의 컨셉과 맞지 않을 경우엔 대관 신청이 거절될 수도 있습니다.

Prepared already...
Acoustic sound, comfortable lighting, a small grand piano, 30 folding chairs, soundproofing, air purifiers, air conditioning, high ceilings, canterbury, shelves, water purifiers, bathrooman,  independent space
어쿠스틱 음향, 편안한 조명, 작은 그랜드피아노, 접이식 의자 30여개, 방음시설, 공기청정기, 에어컨, 높은 천장, 보면대, 선반, 정수기, 화장실, 독립공간 완비

apply :: flutehouse 문의 플루트하우스
T. 82 2 3487 2462     전화. 02 3487 2462
E. flutehouse@gmail.com