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vol.50 (2010.August/September)
artist : Patrick Hiatt
work : Satyr's Afternoon.
About the Painting

“Satyrs’ Afternoon” (oil on wood panel, 11 X 14 Inches) -Young mythological creatures known as Satyrs, part human and part goat, gather at the forest edge to play and rest on a late summer afternoon. It is a time for both fun and a quiet break in the shade while listening to softly played tunes from an ancient flute.

Brief Biography of Artist

Patrick Hiatt studied art at the University of Wisconsin in Madison and the American Academy of Art in Chicago during the turbulent sixties. Later he worked as a graphic artist and technical illustrator. Now retired from the corporate world he is an award winning painter and exhibits regularly in local and regional shows. His work has also shown throughout the United States in Wisconsin, Arkansas, Texas and more recently, galleries in Los Angeles, California, Washington, DC and Maryland. 

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vol.51 (2010.October/November)
artist : Mrutyunjaya Dash
works : Krishna Magic / Krishna and Radha

About the Painting

This inspiration for this painting is Krishna's Karizmatic appeal - which is his music, his flute......his tunes. In my painting I have shown Krishna playing flute and the cows paying attention to him. In the painting Krishna is lost in playing flute and the cows seem lost in the ambience.

Brief Biography of Artist

Mrutyunjaya Dash(aka MJ) started painting when he was a kid. He has 7 years training in Fine Arts from "Art and craft center, Rourkela". His earlier achievements include Winning Gold medal in "Child Art International" and being awarded 1st Prize for for 6 consecutive times in District level Painting competetions.

After this he did his, which requiarred him to stay away from Fine Arts. But now, after 7 years of staying away from his passion, he is back.

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vol.52 (2010.December/2011.January)
artist : MtnWoman Silver
works : Kokopelli and Everyman

About the Painting
There are many symbols in this work. The basic idea was that we are a part of everyone and everything. I included a white man, a black man, a native American, fish to represent the animal world, and Kachina figures to represent God beliefs. The beautiful snake represents and is a disguise for the evil in the world and I included kokopelli flute players to keep it soothed and under control. Every color is present in varying degrees in every section of the painting as curved lines to show the interconnection of all that is. I find that people often present a well-dressed image but there is so much going on inside, influences from everyone we have met and every belief we have.

Brief Biography of Artist

Silver has been a professional artist for 25 years and currently resides in Oklahoma City. Her formal education includes a fine arts degree in studio arts and post-graduate study in graphic design. She has lived and painted in Louisiana, Colorado, Tennessee, Texas, and Oklahoma.
In her current work, she uses acrylic paint, hand-painted and stamped papers, found objects, and fabric. Her paintings, mixed media works, and art quilts have won numerous awards and have been exhibited in regional and national juried shows. She is a member of the National Collage Association, Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition, Fiber- Artists of Oklahoma, Oklahoma Art Guild, and Oklahoma Watermedia Association.

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vol.53 (2011.February/March)
artist : Aaron Corbitt
works : The Song of the wood

About the Painting

"The Song of the Wood" is a figurative representation of the natural cycle of the Earth.  The two figures, a wood nymph and satyr, represent union, harmony to a single melody, as played on the satyr's wooden flute.  The male and female figures also represent the dichotomy of humanity, one of thought and one of action, one of dissonance and one of harmony.  Which figure represents which is purely up to the viewer.  Sometimes it is more to say less.  Sometimes actions speak louder than words.  But within the painting the figures are sharing equally the empty space between them.  In greek mythology, nymphs and satyrs are usually depicted in play, frolicking or spying around like unkempt children. Here we see them in a more somber light, reflecting the hopeful inevitability of man's awareness of the stillness of nature.

Brief Biography of Artist

Hello, my name is Aaron Corbitt.  I am an artist, writer and musician from Fl, USA.  Greetings to all at Flute&!  This is my first time being published, I am very honored and grateful.  Apart from fine art, I have a strong passion for music and music history.  As of recent, I have included a flutist in my band, "The Kitchen Sink Orchestra."
I mainly paint figurative works, set to a loose theme or allegory.  I always try to depict emotion, or a setting for a particular emotion within the composition, lighting and color scheme.  Form and line play a very large part in this also.  Lately I have been working with haiku and other forms of poetry as a means of inspiration.  In figurative works, the human form is set free to act out an array of characters and emotions.  Endless masterpieces have been wrought from a single human form.
Throughout my work I try to represent beauty through tranquility, even in paintings of intense movement.  The meditative qualities of painting to me are an endless balm to the strangeness and tiring aspects of today's modern culture.  I guess when it comes to painting, I'm a harmony junkie.  But without dissonance, we would never know harmony.  This is the duality I would like to represent.  Thanks again for the time to share, Flute&!

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vol.54 (2011.April/May)
artist : Gina Femrite
works : Flute playing tree frog

About the Painting

The flute playing frog is an image from a series called musician frogs. The thought behind the artwork is to make frogs more appealing to the viewer. Many people think of frogs as creepy slimy creatures not worthy of attention. I hope to change the public’s view of these useful amphibians by these colorful frog’s images playing instruments, for they are responsible for the sounds that fill our summer nights.

Brief Biography of Artist

Gina Femrite was born in West Germany. She started her art training at an early age under the tutelage of her father Johan Strater, a contemporary European Impressionist.
She also attended the Saarbruecken College of Art and Skills to further her career as an artist into the range of illustration and designer art.
Armed with the knowledge of both fine art and design, Gina began working full time in her father’s studio where she developed a style rooted in French impressionism but still identifiable as her own.
Her talent was recognized by art galleries and art agencies throughout Europe. She was offered an exclusive contract with Harry’s Galleries and the Paul Schwarz agency until she moved with her husband David Femrite to his homeland, the United States of America.
Once in her new country, Gina quickly succeeded in becoming known as an accomplished fine art and commercial artist with an impressive following of private and corporate collectors. Her work has also been published by various publishing companies like Western Graphics, Impact Images, Posters by Impact and Life’s Foot Print’s.
In addition Gina has been a well excepted art teacher since 1988, and she is currently teaching in Hobart Indiana.
My personal experience with music.
As much as I have been influenced in my fine art career by my Father, my interest for music came from my mother, a violin player. Every one from my mother’s side of the family played an instrument, and my grandfather was a conductor in a great orchestra. I myself played the guitar for many years, so painting instruments for me comes from the heart.

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vol.55 (2011.June/July)
artist : Angel Ortiz
works : La flautista

“I am just an artist that enjoy my work all forms of exploration and celebration of beauty in all it's manifestations.”
About the Painting

Since I grew up by the sea most of my paintings are relate with seascapes themes I am the kind of guy that avoid the crowds I spend a lot of times alone many times I just walk on the beach on bare food feeling the fresh breeze and the white sand on my steps watching and listening the waves that sweeps on my journey increases my mood as I walk I can hear a sweet sound even when is not clear it comes in pieces to my senses still in the air is not hard to recognize is a flute I just keep walking and playing with the sand on my steps not rushing my journey in my tropical area every sunset and sunrise is something you don’t want to miss now I can hear the sweet sound again its clear now it’s a little girl sitting on the sand by herself she barely moves I notice that her eyes are close she don`t have to see what she is doing it looks like she just enjoying the moment as I do I just love the idea to include such scene in one of my paintings one day I just keep walking without disturbing her.
Months later I decide to paint her more or less I saw her I include the dolphins because they handle very well the wave vibration I wanted to create a nice fantasy sweet scene most people like dolphins it’s a nice icon to be underwater takes you to another dimension.

Brief Biography of Artist

Angel Ortiz was born in Progreso in the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico. He was born a gifted artist, achieving numerous awards for his artwork at school since he was very young. Angel has been in love with nature ever since, attracted by the ocean's magnificence and vast open space of his native land.
Angel has been painting surrealism. He worked as a fisherman while attending at mechanical engineer school in 1988. He became a licensed navigator and certified scuba diver. Not content, he travelled to other countries such as Canada in 1991, Cuba in 1992.
He became a freelance designer and photographer in 1993 in the United States, and Europe 2001-2004 to enrich his art techniques.
Angel works on computer graphic design and animation, but these days he tries to find time to paint fine art.
Being an autonomous kind of man who gazes and listens to the scene, he absorbs the feeling and processes all the information right onto the media just like the great masters did in the renaissance as today. Angel does not take short cuts for an easy way out when he executes a painting.
To Angel it is important to take a painting beyond what he has gained to that extension of excellence that is found in the artist himself. Angel's images are personal statements with some mystery that moves you every time that you encounter them.

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vol.56 (2011.August/September)
artist : Alan Kenny
works : 5 Soft musicians

About the Painting

This painting shows five soft musicians on a road with a landscape, trees and a lake in the distance,The composition attempts to reflect the harmony and unity between the different musicians and their landscape surrondings.There are two fiddle players,one bodhran player,one box player and a whistle player.The shape and format of this canvas is very important for a succesful  painting.

Brief Biography of Artist

By combining his abilities as both a skilful draftsman and accomplished painter, Alan has managed to synthesize the lessons learnt from his earlier, more-literal approach with his own unique style. Today, he is recognised for his colourful, imaginative and largely narrative paintings, which boast a vast array of themes. Perennial musicians bathing in a kind of romantic, melodious aura and regal, hedonistic female nudes are both favoured subjects. In addition, other recurring themes that come under Alan's alert and often-satirical eye are topographical representations and issues of political or social concern.
There is a great sense of both a spiritual as well as an aesthetic attitude in Alan’s work. Each painting, with its elegant yet potent calligraphic lines, flattened composition and exaggerated perspectives resonates a kind of chaotic, yet idyllic sense of fun and humour.
Another typical characteristic is his use of thick black outlines, which appear almost as a commanding device to direct the eye whilst assisting in the overall flattening of the composition. However, the key component that shines through is his rampant, irresistible exploitation of colour. By filling shapes and spaces with bright, flat colour, along with the exclusion of detail, creates an almost stained-glass effect. Together, these immensely striking aspects constitute a particularly unique strategy, which has set the stage for Alan Kenny to present a radically new artistic accomplishment to a captivated audience.
Alan's works are to be found in collections in USA, Ireland and Europe.

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vol.57 (2011.October/November)
artist : Larry Martin
works : Jazz Septet
About the Painting

The painting pictured here, titled “Jazz Septet” is an oil on canvas, original size 18 x 24 inches.  It depicts seven jazz players engaged in what they love doing best – jamming - with a variety of musical instruments, set against the ever present signature “keyboard”.
This scene is rich in vivid color that the artist is noted for and represents New Orleans style jazz players as might be seen in the French Quarter’s Bourbon Street or on Beale Street in Memphis.
The artist says all of his jazz paintings are true figments of his own imagination, never pre-planned, never previously sketched-out and never copied from a photograph. 
He just starts painting and things develop right there on the canvas. 
They are all true originals – and although technically surreal in style, manifest a certain quality of realism that makes you just hear and feel the music when you look at them. 
He likes to work on large canvases and frequently turns out 4 x 5 feet and 4 x 6 feet oil paintings.  Please take a moment to look at the Artist’s other work via the link listed above.

Brief Biography of Artist

Larry Martin is a native of the United States and currently resides in Tennessee with his wife and two cats. Having a varied career in Accounting, Linguistics and Financial Management, he was always interested in art but only began painting after he retired at age 65. 
His primary painting medium is oil on canvas, but he also does some acrylic and watercolor renditions.  After studying painting for three years at a local University, he additionally studied and continues study under regionally recognized Artists. 
Also a lifetime musician on the side, he played flute in high school band, has played piano, organ and keyboards professionally for over sixty years and is still active as a church organist.
He has traveled extensively in the Pacific Rim, and speaks fluent Chinese mandarin in addition to a smattering of other oriental languages.  He is also an avid bridge player, recently becoming a life master of the American Contract Bridge League, and enjoys gourmet cooking and painting.
His paintings, primarily in oil, feature a rich palette of vivid colors and initially depicted jazz musicians, punctuated by the signature “keyboard” which appears in many of his jazz paintings.
Later, his interests broadened to include abstracts, landscapes, seascapes and other subjects.  He exhibits locally and regionally, and has a lucrative internet market for his work.  His current painting catalog can be viewed at

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